My Film Podcast Interviews Highlights #3: December 2020/January 2021

Here are five of my favorite podcast interviews for FRED Film Radio, which I produced throughout December 2020/January 2021. FRED Film Radio is an online radio on all things cinema with a focus on international film festivals and independent cinemas. I have been working with them for about seven years and produce/host a weekly radio show series named Big FRED Tuesday.

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Ilze Burkowska Jacobsen, director of My Favorite War

Award-winning My Favorite War is an animated documentary directed by Ilze Burkowska Jacobsen. The film is based on the director’s experiences and recollections of growing up in Soviet Latvia.


Juja Dobrachkous, director of Bebia, à mon seul désir

Bebia is the feature debut by Georgian director Juja Dobrachkous. Its story revolves around a young woman returning to her rural hometown for the funeral of her grandmother. The film is premiering at the 2021 International Film Festival Rotterdam.


Mayye Zayed, director of Lift Like a Girl

Lift Like a Girl is a documentary about Captain Ramadan, a trainer who ran an outdoor gym in Alexandria and trained young trailblazing female weightlifters. The film was screened within the Cairo International Film Festival’s international competition, where it won three awards.


Wissam Tanios, director of We Are From There

We Are From There is a documentary that premiered at the Cairo International Film Festival. The documentary is an insightful look at two Syrian brothers as they migrate to Europe, filmed by a close friend.


Evi Romen, director of Why Not You

Why Not You is a fiction film about a young man from a small town in Northern Italy, his coming of age, drug addiction and his first-hand traumatic experience of witnessing his friend die in a terrorist attack. Presented at the 2021 Torino Film Festival, this is also Evi Romen’s directorial debut.

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