BIG FRED TUESDAY – Radio Cinema Broadcast #29 (FRED.FM)

Cinephile! Valentine’s Day is approaching and I completely failed to mention it on this week’s BIG FRED TUESDAY, so there will no reference to it, except for, of course, the love of cinema. And this episode is a particularly eclectic potpourri, shifting from Rotterdam to Sundance. But opening the show is a chat with Tristan Loraine, a former airline captain who turned himself a film director for his investigative documentary on the worrying level of toxins in the air of commercial flights – something we should all be aware of but are not. The film is called Everybody Flies.

Then, I spoke with Marta Popivoda about her documentary Landscapes of Resistance, which revolves around the story of one of the first Serbian female partisans. And then, a thriller drama named Wild Indian, the feature debut of Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr., exploring a story of a modern-day Native American whose past returns to haunt him. This film has been highlighted as one of the best of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, although the interview was like trying to squeeze blood from a rock. Which can happen…

I also take some time to honor the legacy of Cicely Tyson, the trailblazing Black actress who avoided being typecast into roles that would perpetuate racial clichés and paved the way for generations to follow, including such actresses as Viola Davis, Halle Berry and more. And this week’s Popcorn Classic is 1967’s La Chinoise by Jean-Luc Godard. All this and more on this week’s BIG FRED TUESDAY. Dig in!

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