BIG FRED TUESDAY – Radio Cinema Broadcast #36 (FRED.FM)

Cinephile! Quickly popping in to tell you about this week’s action-packed episode of the BIG FRED TUESDAY, my weekly radio show on all things cinema with a particular focus on independent filmmaking and the international film festival scene.

This week’s episode marks the start of my coverage of the Vilnius Film Festival in Lithuania, which apparently takes place in hotel rooms in some of the top hotels in the Lithuanian capital. Oren Gerner’s Africa is part of its Discoveries strand, and it’s an intimate drama about a man forced to confront his aging process.

I also spoke with Marteinn Thorsson, director of Backyard Village. I watched the Icelandic filmmaker years ago, when he presented his previous film XL at the Cork Film Festival. But Backyard Village is completely different – a quieter comedy-drama about broken souls connecting in a remote guesthouse rather than a frantic, surrealist film about alcohol addiction. The film premiered at Santa Barbara’s Nordic Cinema Competition.

Recently, the Sofia International Film Festival took place and with it, its parallel industry section, named Sofia Meetings. It took place online, and I had a chat about it with its director, Mira Staleva.

Aside from all that, my Dictionary of Film and Popcorn Classics segments continue. For the former, I take a look at “cameo appearances” in film. For the latter, I highlight the Buster Keaton two-reeler Cops from 1922, which he co-directed with longtime collaborator Edward F. Cline and that, to me, feels like a culmination of all his cop gags, as well as the general anarchic vibes of his works. Stay cinephile!

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