BIG FRED TUESDAY- Radio Cinema Broadcast #38 (FRED.FM)

Cinephile! This week I bring you another action-packed episode of the BIG FRED TUESDAY, my weekly show on all-things cinema with a particular focus on independent filmmaking and the international film festival scene that airs on FRED Film Radio.

We open up with final thoughts on this year’s edition of the Vilnius International Film Festival from its CEO, Algirdas Ramaska. The Lithuanian festival is considered one of the major film fests in the region and this year came up with an interesting format, where they partnered with some top-rate hotels throughout the Lithuanian capital to offer an alternate five-star film experience.

One of the films presented at the festival was The Twentieth Century by Canadian cineaste Matthew Rankin. I absolutely love this oneiric film, inspired by the formative years of turn-of-the-century Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, overflowing with a style that evokes the avant-garde of the times but without disregarding content. I spoke with Rankin about the movie, which also happens to be his feature debut.

Last but not least, I end the show with a chat with Margje de Koning, artistic director of Movies That Matter Festival, an international human rights film festival that normally takes place in The Hague, Netherlands, and runs on April 16-25 online this year. This city is particularly appropriate for a festival like this, as The Hague is home to the U.N.’s International Court of Justice.

And finally, my recurring segments, Dictionary of Film and Popcorn Classics. For the former, I talk about the significance of “establishing shots” in movies; for the latter, I take a look at Jaromil Jires’ The Joke from 1969, a classic of the Czech New Wave and a masterful adaptation of a Milan Kundera novel.

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