BIG FRED TUESDAY – Radio Cinema Broadcast #39 (FRED.FM)

Cinephile! Welcome to the new episode of the BIG FRED TUESDAY, my weekly show on FRED FILM RADIO about cinema with a particular focus on independent filmmaking and the international film festival scene. This episode of the show is very documentary-centered, with interviews from Visions du Réel and CPH:DOX.

I interviewed David Herdies and Georg Gotmark on their latest feature doc, Bellum – The Daemon of War. This is a meditation on war and its bureaucracy, seen from a Western point of view and via the lives of three people who play very different roles within it that somehow represent its past, present and future.

I also talked with filmmaker Volkan Üce, director of All-In. This is an observational documentary about two young men still finding his way around life, who spend one summer working in an all-inclusive hotel.

And finally, I speak with Tiny Mungwe, an arts and film producer who works for Social Transformation and Empowerment Projects (STEPS) on their Generation Africa documentary anthology. Two of the docs on this series are premiering at the aforementioned film festivals these days.

This episode also features new additions of my recurring Popcorn Classics segment, where I pay tribute to David Lynch’s Inland Empire (2006), and Dictionary of Film, where I talk about the true meaning of the term “Feature Film.” Listen to the show via the player below!

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