Big Fred Tuesday – Radio Cinema Broadcast #43 (FRED.FM)

Cinephile! This week’s episode of the Big Fred Tuesday features a conversation with Iranian filmmaker Farbod Ardebili about his award-winning short film Forbidden to See Us Scream in Tehran.

The film weaves a narrative around the metal scene in Tehran, where metal is essentially illegal. Ardebili himself has had to live in exile for several years in the United States and since the film was shot in the streets of Tehran, he worked out a way to direct the film with the help of WhatsApp. Not to mention that to film a movie like this was a dangerous endeavor for all cast and crew involved.

I also spoke with Jo Mühlberger, deputy managing directors of European Film Promotion, about this year’s Producers on the Move, a longstanding platform for emerging producers that usually runs in Cannes but will have to run online this year in response to the pandemic.

Plus, I recorded a true cinephile conversation with my friend, author Chris Cipollini, and we even ended it will a little word association game involving some well-known names of classic American cinema.

Also in this episode, I return with new segments for my regular Dictionary of Film segments, in which I talk about the “jump cut” editing technique, and Popcorn Classics, where I highlight Preston Sturges’ classic 1942 film, The Palm Beach Story.

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