Matt’s Art Journal – January 3, 2021

All my life, I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Recently, this insomnia has gotten worse. I think it’s because I’ve been worrying about my inability to handle the workload once the emails come flooding in after the holiday.

I got to the end of Away With the Penguins. That makes it my first book of 2021. It ended just as it was starting to annoy me with its excessive mush. I’ve opted for a Slovenian book as a follow-up. Specifically, Crumbs from 1987 by Miha Mazzini. I am told this is the best Slovenian book of all time. So far, it feels very Charles Bukowski. Maybe a bit too much for its own good.

If art is my life and my job, football is my true escapism and an important leitmotif in my life. I’ve been a Juventus supporter all my life like my father but I also support Genoa, as everybody else in my family for several generations has. Whenever they play, that’s when I get a chance to clear my head for a while. Today was match day, which means less time for art explorations. But that’s okay, I feel I do enough.

I did get to watch a short film by Czech animation pioneer Jan Svankmajer. Specifically, I watched Dimensions of Dialogue from 1983, which also happens to be one of his best-known and most acclaimed works. It’s super exciting, visually stimulating and surrealist to the max. I actually met Svankmajer in Rotterdam, at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and got to interview him, which is amazing! What Svankmejer did for animation really liberated the form and his influence is still evident in animators’ works of today.

I was also listening to Nubiyan Twist’s 2015 self-titled debut, which is awesome and maybe one of the best records I have heard in ages. I’m looking forward to their new LP, which is coming sometime later this year.

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