Matt’s Art Journal – January 6, 2021

It’s only the sixth day of the year and I’ve already let myself down on the productivity scale. Whenever that happens, I tend to forget that I generally work every single day of the week, which is more than most people can say. My work and life are basically one. For better or worse, this has been my decision and that’s why I am where I am today.

I filled a pitch for a radio show on RTE. Their commissioning section is really for TV but hopefully, they will make an exception. Realistically, I am expecting yet another rejection. You never quite get used to those and in the past years, the number of my ideas that have been promptly ignored, rejected, or actually stolen has been enormous. It can be tough, psychologically, in ways that most people don’t know and don’t even understand.

I didn’t get up to much art discovery today. A few days ago, a publicist sent me a screener for an Indian short film named Bittu by first-time director Karishma Dube from last year, for a potential future interview. I quite liked it.  The film is based on a real tragedy of a school poisoning incident where everyone died but the young, title girl. Yet, it’s not the type of dark film that aims to break your heart and I found it to carry a message of hope for the future in the rebelliousness of a little girl.

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