Contact me: inartematt@gmail.com

My name is Matt Micucci. I am a 30-year-old international art critic/reporter and content creator with years of experience and background education in filmmaking. I currently work as Website Editor of JAZZIZ Magazine as well as Director of Programming of FRED Film Radio, and collaborate with numerous outlets and publications.

Over the years, I have interviewed hundreds of people from the world of film, music and the arts at large. This is my area of expertise, though I prefer to use the term conversations and consider myself a conversationalist. I also specialize in public speaking.

One of my main goals is to one day host a regular show on radio and/or television where I interview prominent art figures from all over the world. Another is to manage an arts center with aims of nurturing a collaborative arts community, and run an arts festival.

I regularly attend major art events from all over the world, including many film festivals held in such diverse places as Venice, Karlovy Vary, Cairo, Macao and London, among others.

I have also developed a video series of encounters with artists, titled “Matt’s Long Take.” These videos are filmed in one single take, inspired by the direct cinema approach of the late ’50s and ’60s. In addition, I have a podcast series titled “Matt’s Art Chat” and my own radio show about the arts, “The Art Movement.”

If you want to get in touch with me for samples of my work and collaboration proposals, you can drop me a line at inartematt@gmail.com.

(Please only contact me on this email address regarding In Arte Matt projects. Emails unrelated to In Arte Matt sent to this email will be promptly ignored and deleted. For JAZZIZ emails, contact me at mmicucci@jazziz.com. For FRED Film Radio emails contact me at matt.micucci@fred.fm)