JAZZIZ Travel is my podcast series on JAZZIZ.com exploring jazz and creative music in all four corners of the globe, featuring conversations with groundbreaking and innovative artists. (Click on the images below to listen to the podcasts.)

JAZZIZ Travel #13: Gisele Ben-Dor and Juanjo Mosalini

Conductor Gisele Ben-Dor and bandoneon master Juanjo Mosalini talk about their latest orchestral collaboration, Piazzolla: Cien Anõs, a celebration of groundbreaking Argentinian music composer and nuevo tango creator Astor Piazzolla, on the year of his centennial.

JAZZIZ Travel #12: Bram Weijters

Belgian pianist/composer Bram Weijters talks about the fabled ’70s Belgian fusion scene and his new live album with his Crazy Men group, The Return, which further pays tribute to it.

JAZZIZ Travel #11: Sebastián de Urquiza

Argentinian double-bassist/composer Sebastián de Urquiza talks about his large ensemble debut as a leader, Unity, Vol. 1.

JAZZIZ Travel #10 – Satoko Fujii

Japanese pianist/composer Satoko Fujii, a force in avant-garde jazz, talks about the Japanese jazz and creative music scene, and her return to the piano trio setting on Moon on the Lake.

JAZZIZ Travel #9 – Peter K. Siegel on Joseph Spence

Producer/music preservationist Peter K. Siegel talks about the legacy of Bahamian guitar legend Joseph Spence.

JAZZIZ Travel #8 – Oscar Rossignoli

Honduran-born, New Orleans-based pianist Oscar Rossignoli talks about his first full-length solo piano album, Inertia.

JAZZIZ Travel #7: Jan Lundgren

Swedish pianist/composer Jan Lundgren, one of the main proponents of the emancipation of European jazz from American jazz, talks about his new album, Into the Night.

JAZZIZ Travel #6: Rodrigo Amarante

Brazilian-based, Los Angeles-born multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Rodrigo Amarante talks about his new eclectic and poetic album, Drama.

JAZZIZ Travel #5: Mehmet Ali Sanlikol

Turkish-American pianist/composer/scholar Mehmet Ali Sanlikol deepens his singular approach to melding the sonorities of Turkish music with contemporary jazz on his new album, An Elegant Ritual.

JAZZIZ Travel #4: Min Xiao-Fen

Min Xiao-Fen is known for forging a new path for the pipa, a Chinese traditional instrument, in modern jazz and free improvisation. Here, she talks about her latest project, White Lotus, a soundtrack she composed for the landmark Chinese silent motion picture The Goddess (1934).

JAZZIZ Travel #3: Nnenna Freelon

Multi-GRAMMY-nominated jazz vocalist talks about Time Traveler, her first studio album in more than a decade and an intimate expression of love for her late husband, preeminent architect Philip Freelon.

JAZZIZ Travel #2: Sunny Jain

Sunny Jain is an innovative percussionist/composer and master of the double-sided Indian dhol drum. Here, he talks about his latest album, Phoenix Rise, a project born during the pandemic lockdown combining, music, photography, food and “belief in a global citizenship by supporting social justice movements.”

JAZZIZ Travel #1: Jannis Stürtz

Jannis Stürtz is the founder of Habibi Funk Records, a Berlin-based record label dedicated to re-releasing and preserving music from the Arab-speaking world, blending local and regional music traditions with musical interests from outside the region, including funk, soul, rock and more.