Matt’s Art Chat

My personal series of podcast conversations about the arts with creators, curators and art lovers from all over the world. The series is currently on hiatus.

Matt’s Art Chat #38 – Martin Gayford

A conversation with art critic, historian and author Martin Gayford.

Matt’s Art Chat #37 – Marisabel Bazan

A conversation with Panamanian multi-media artist Marisabel Bazan.

Matt’s Art Chat #36 – Jeroen Elfferich

A conversation with Dutch multi-instrumentalist/composer Jeroen Elfferich, whose new album, Dutch Piano Rhythms, is out now.

Matt’s Art Chat #35 – Frank O’Dea

A conversation with Irish artist and Balla Bán Art Gallery owner Frank O’Dea.

Matt’s Art Chat #34 – Kemal Yildirim

A conversation with filmmaker Kemal Yildirim about his new film, Wastelands.

Matt’s Art Chat #33 – Sam Tallent

A conversation with standup comedian and author Sam Tallent. Pick up a copy of his awesome novel, Running the Light.

Matt’s Art Chat #32 – Kate Grenyer

A conversation with Edinburgh’s Dovecot Studios curator Kate Grenyer on their upcoming exhibition, “Archie Brennan: Tapestry Goes Pop,” which will run on March 26-June 26, 2021.

Matt’s Art Chat #31 – Lachlan Goudie

A conversation with painter Lachlan Goudie on his upcoming exhibition, “Once Upon a Time,” which runs at The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland, on the 28 October-25 November, 2020.

Matt’s Art Chat #30 – Ania Hobson

A conversation with British painter Ania Hobson, who will launch her debut solo exhibition at London’s Catto Gallery on September 5, 2020.

Matt’s Art Chat #29 – Eva Laura Madar

A conversation with Tango dance/instructor Eva Laura Madar.

Matt’s Art Chat #28 – Chris Craig

A conversation with London’s BASTIAN Gallery director Chris Craig on their upcoming exhibition, “Atelier Picasso,” which reimagines Picasso’s Cannes Studio as an immersive experience within the gallery, using a treasure trove of objects including furniture, sculptures, ceramics, drawings and prints.

Matt’s Art Chat #27 – Lola Cloquell

A conversation with poet/writer and literature Lola Cloquell, who also hosts a regular literary event in Martinique called “Café Littéraire.”

Matt’s Art Chat #26 – Daniel Fiorda

A conversation with sculptor/visual and sound artist Daniel Fiorda.

Matt’s Art Chat #25 – John Marx

A conversation with architect John Marx, who recently published his first book of watercolor paintings and poems, Études – The Poetry of Dreams + Other Fragments. Marx is also the co-founding principal and Chief Artistic Officer of Form4 Architecture.

Matt’s Art Chat #24 – Nora Voon

A conversation with interior designer Nora Voon, founder of Noda Designs.

Matt’s Art Chat #23 – Kristine Schomaker

A conversation with artist, art curator and art promoter Kristine Schomaker, who also describes herself as a dedicated conceptual autobiographer. Her works explore such themes as perception, self-esteem, validation and body image.

Matt’s Art Chat #22 – Raven Kaliana

A conversation with puppeteer/puppet maker Raven Kaliana.

Matt’s Art Chat #21 – Katty Pearce

A conversation with London’s Guildhall Art Gallery curator Katty Pearce on their major exhibition, The Enchanted Interior, recently moved online in response to the pandemic.

Matt’s Art Chat #20 – Al Lapkovsky

A conversation with photographer/creative retoucher Al Lapkovsky.

Matt’s Art Chat #19 – Darren Deeney

A conversation with the most entertaining new Instagram workout influencer, Darren Deeney.

Matt’s Art Chat #18 – Cezar-Severus Tomoroga

A conversation with graphic designer Cezar-Severus Tomoroga about his newly-published novel The Klaussen Alchemist – Old Puppet.

Matt’s Art Chat #17 – Naomi Foyle

A conversation with British poet/author Naomi Foyle.

Matt’s Art Chat #16 – Lucien Zell

A conversation with Prague-based poet and all-around creative soul, Lucien Zell.

Matt’s Art Chat #15 – Eric Pan

A conversation with pianist/composer Eric Pan about his transportive music and recent projects.

Matt’s Art Chat #14 – Fabio Torre

A conversation with Italian painter/photographer Fabio Torre.

Matt’s Art Chat #13 – John Bleasdale

A conversation with writer John Bleasdale about his first-hand experiences during the Coronavirus outbreak in Northern Italy, writing and film.

Matt’s Art Chat #12 – Chris Cipollini

A conversation with American poet/writer Chris Cipollini on poetry, Paris and the Coronavirus.

Matt’s Art Chat #11 – Wendy Mitchell

A conversation with film and entertainment journalist Wendy Mitchell on her new book, Citizen Canine: Dogs in the Movies.

Matt’s Art Chat #10 – Thessa Mooij

A conversation with guitarist/singer/songwriter Thessa Mooij on recording her first EP of original compositions.

Matt’s Art Chat #9 – Bret Louis Adams

A conversation with Bret Louis Adams, a painter and photographer from Texas residing in Lisbon, Portugal. His work explores post-impressionist styles while incorporating modern design concepts.

Matt’s Art Chat #8 – Davy Ryan

Sharing memories about my old band Lexington 125 with my friend, drummer Davy Ryan.

Matt’s Art Chat #7 – Thomas Quain

A conversation with Irish filmmaker/animator Thomas Quain.

Matt’s Art Chat #6 – Zoe Aiano

A conversation with filmmaker Zoe Aiano.

Matt’s Art Chat #5 – Lukos Hey

A conversation with Prague-based painter/artist Lukos Hey.

Matt’s Art Chat #4 – Mirna El Mahdy

A conversation with Egyptian author Mirna El Mahdy.

Matt’s Art Chat #3 – Matt Jordan

A conversation with British author Matt Jordan

Matt’s Art Chat #2 – Chris Cipollini

A chat with Las Vegas-based writer, poet and actor Chris Cipollini about art, life and death.

Matt’s Art Chat #1 – Tau Tau Menghan

A conversation with filmmaker/producer Tau Tau Menghan about her forthcoming film project, Whatever She Wants, which will be shot on Huawai P30.