Matt’s Long Take

My sporadic series of cinema verité, long-some, single-shot encounters with artists and tours of fascinating locations in different parts of the world. (Individual, shorter clips from the videos are also available to watch on my YouTube channel.)

Matt’s Long Take #13 – Lukos Hey

A long-take encounter with painter Lukos Hey at his studio in Prague, Czech Republic.

Matt’s Long Take #12 – Engage Art Studios, Galway, Ireland

A tour of the Engage Art Studios (Galway, Ireland) au naturel with its managing director Grace Mitchell. Filmed here, in new premises in Churchfields Lower Salthill.

Matt’s Long Take #11 – Louise Manifold

A conversation with Irish conceptual artist Louise Manifold, who works with film, photography, sculpture and text. This “long take” was filmed in her studio in Galway, Ireland.

Matt’s Long Take #10 – Jennifer Cunningham

A long-take encounter with Irish artist Jennifer Cunningham, who talks about her work and her exhibition, Beyond Worlds, at the Galway Arts Centre in Galway, Ireland.

Matt’s Long Take #9 – H33, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

A tour of H33, the fascinating Social Innovation Hub in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), set up by Dan Clinci and Horea Manea of Urbannect Association. Our guide is visual artist Puiac Virgil. Along the way, we also meet Carmina Tarean, Simion Răzvan and Iulia Mircean.

Matt’s Long Take #8 – Eric Pan

A conversation with musician/composer Eric Pan, filmed in his Berlin apartment.

Matt’s Long Take #7 – Cezar-Severus Tomoroga

An insightful chat with graphic designer Cezar-Severus Tomoroga, with a new, unique viewpoint on the art of 3D printing. Filmed in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Matt’s Long Take #6 – Winylove, Wraclaw

DJ Creon gives us a tour of his record store Winylove in Wroclaw, Poland.

Matt’s Long Take #5 – Christian Niccoli

A conversation with Italian-born artist Christian Niccoli, filmed at his studio in Berlin, Germany.

Matt’s Art Chat #4 – Tereza Füsterová

A conversation with Czech model and photographer Tereza Füsterová. Filmed in Prague, Czech Republic.

Matt’s Long Take #3 – Lucien Zell

A late-night conversation with the author, poet, photographer and music artist Lucien Zell. Filmed in Prague, Czech Republic.

Matt’s Long Take #2 – Cinema New Horizons, Wroclaw, Poland

Marketing manager Michał Weksler takes us on a tour of the Cinema New Horizons (Kino Nowe Horyzonty) of Wroclaw, Poland.