5 clips from THE ART MOVEMENT – Episode 13

Here are five clips from the latest episode of my radio show, THE ART MOVEMENT, the weekly radio show hosted/produced by arts presenter Matt Micucci. The show revolves around art and culture, and where all art forms and free thoughts are allowed.

My reading of Shel Silverstein’s epic poem, “The Devil and Billy Markham.”

Why “All Lives Matter” is always wrong.

Why destroying monuments and cultural heritage is counter-productive.

Matt’s thoughts on the Gone with the Wind controversy.

Why the Cannes Film Festival’s 2020 initiative is raising highbrows everywhere.

Lots more where that came from! You can listen to the full epsiode of THE ART MOVEMENT (including the music) via one of the players below.

Also available on Podbean and IHeartRadio.

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