Matt’s Art Chat #4: Mirna El Mahdy (PODCAST)

On my latest episode of Matt’s Art Chat, I speak with my friend, Egyptian author Mirna El Mahdy. I met Mirna two years ago at the Cairo International Film Festival two years ago. Shortly after that, I found out that she had published her first novel. This chat was recorded on the eve of the launch of her second published work.

On this chat, Mirna and I talk about influences, inspiration, writing techniques and more. We also talk about ghosts, with Mirna making references to Egyptian mythology. (You can also listen to Matt’s Art Chat in podcast form on Spotify HERE:

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Matt’s Art Chat #3: Matt Jordan (PODCAST)

With the new year, I decided to resume my Matt’s Art Chat format, which I experimented with last year. This is a series of recorded phone conversations I have with artists and interesting creative people, many of whom are my friends, from different parts of the world.

I could think of no better person to resume the series with than my friend, British author Matt Jordan, who recently published his new book, New Times.

You can hear/watch our conversation via the player below.

Matt was a good friend of mine from the days when I was in Prague. We had shared many conversations about the arts while there, however, we hadn’t talked for quite some time before this call.

This was another reason why I decided to call Matt for this video podcast, and here we discuss among other things, politics, Brexit, millennials v. boomers, his book and, of course, the arts.