Matt’s Art Chat #8: Davy Ryan (PODCAST)

Davy Ryan is one of my oldest and best friends. We used to be in a band together, Lexington 125 – a once-promising Irish band that never was. In order to keep those memories alive, I decided to dedicate one of the podcasts in this series to document a conversation where we relive some of the memories of the good old days when we dreamt of being rockstars. In addition to watching the video of the podcast via the player below, you can listen to it on Spotify HERE.

I have also recently uploaded to my podcast the album that I recorded with Lexington 125 many years ago, the music of which never really properly saw the light of day as the band broke up soon after the recording. You can check out the entire album on YouTube.

Matt’s Art Chat is a podcast series of conversations with artists and interesting people from all over the world.