My albums of the Week #3: Chloe X Halle & Dinner Party

I would consider myself an “albums guy” and my taste in music is very varied. In this new feature, I list the albums that I listened to most intensely during the week. The list will include albums old and new, and the number of albums listened to every week will most likely vary on a week-to-week basis.

Chloe X Halle, Ungodly Hour (Parkwood/Columbia)

TRACKLIST (favorite tracks underlined): 1 – Intro; 2 – Forgive Me; 3 – Baby Girl; 4 – Do It; 5 – Tipsy; 6 – Ungodly Hour; 7 – Busy Boy; 8 – Catch Up; 9 – Overwhelmed; 10 – Lonely; 11 – Don’t Make It Harder On Me; 12 – Wonder Whats She Thinks Of Me; 13 – ROYL.

A surprisingly sophisticated R&B release from this sister duo. Lush, inventive and revealing honesty in its lyrics.

Terrace Martin, Kamasi Washington, Robert Glasper, 9th Wonder, Dinner Party (Sounds of Crenshaw/EMPIRE)

Tracklist (Favorite tracks underlined): 1 – Sleepless Nights; 2 – Love You Bad; 3 – From My Heart and My Soul; 4 – First Responders; 5 – The Mighty Tree; 6 – Freeze Tag; 7 – LUV U.

A mellifluous blend of soul, jazz and hip-hop by four of today’s top names of these musics. A little empty at times but great, laid-back music to counter contemporary madness.