5 Clips from Episode 10 of The Art Movement

Here are five clips from the latest episode of my radio show, THE ART MOVEMENT, the weekly radio show hosted by Matt Micucci that revolves around art and culture, and where all art forms and free thoughts are allowed.

My thoughts on whether Morrissey is a racist – and the concept of heroes/role models at large.

What Norm Macdonald and Karl Pilkington said about memory.

What French philosopher Henri Bergson said about confusion.

How our perception of time has changed throughout history.

Breathing is causing Edvard Munch’s 1910 version of The Scream to fade.

Lots more where that came from! You can listen to the full epsiode of THE ART MOVEMENT (including the music) via the player below.


The Art Movement – Episode 10

Welcome to THE ART MOVEMENT, a radio show about art and culture, where all art forms and free thoughts aret allowed. The show is hosted by globe-trotting art presenter/content creator extraordinaire Matt Micucci. It features plenty of music, interview clips, comedy and chat about current events.

In this episode: Edvard Munch, Henri Bergson, Norm Macdonald, Morrissey and more. (This episode was recorded on May 24, 2020.)