Quick Film Guide: David Lynch: The Art Life (Jon Nguyen, Rick Barnes, Olivia Neergaard-Holm, 2017)

David Lynch: The Art Life
Directed by Jon Nguyen, Rick Barnes, Olivia Neergaard-Holm
USA, Denmark

David Lynch: The Art Life is a splendid documentary that tells the story of cult filmmaker David Lynch’s formative years – from childhood to his acclaimed experimental feature film debut, Eraserhead.

Unlike many other docs of its kind, David Lynch: The Art Life is less caught up in chronological rhetoric and more driven by a logical thread. Furthermore, it is told through the voice of Lynch himself, who really opens up in this series of 20 conversations recorded at his home.

Adding to the appeal of the film is the inclusion of never before seen material, such as homemade movies, behind the scenes footage, documents, photographs and paintings. It is a must-watch for all Lynch fans but also for anybody interested in becoming an artist, whether they may be looking for guidance or comfort.

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