Here’s the list of songs played on the last episode of THE ART MOVEMENT – the weekly radio show about arts and culture, where all art forms and free thoughts are allowed, hosted by Matt Micucci. (To listen to the full show, scroll to the bottom of the page.)

  • IGGY POP, I’m Bored
  • THE BEACH BOYS, Wouldn’t It Be Nice
  • SUDAN ARCHIVES, Come Meh Way
  • DESIRED, Wake Up
  • BARRY MANILOW, Copacabana (At the Copa)
  • BLACK FLAG, Rise Above
  • DICK DALE, Misirlou
  • PET SHOP BOYS, Being Boring
  • ELLA FITZGERALD, Mack the Knife
  • MORRISSEY, The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
  • CHARLIE PARKER, Scrapple from the Apple

Listen to the full show via the player below.

Download the full radio show HERE.

The Art Movement – Episode 3 – Song List

The Art Movement is a radio show about art and culture format that I am developing at the moment. Is the full list of songs I played on the latest episode of the show, which you can listen to via the player below.

  • Kaleidoscópio, “Você Me Apareceu”
  • The Rolling Stones, “Living in a Ghost Town”
  • Dionne Warwick, “Loneliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets”
  • Kanye West, “Power”
  • Bebe, “Malo”
  • Antonio Vivaldi, “Allegro Non Molto” from “The Four Seasons: Winter” (Performed by the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra under Martin Sieghart)
  • The Beach Boys, “Surfin’ USA”
  • Willie “The Lion” Smith, “Eachoes of Spring”
  • Soft Cell, “Frustration”
  • Glenn Miller Orchestra, “Pennsylvania 6-5000”