Matt’s Art Chat #7: Thomas Quain (PODCAST)

For my latest episode of Matt’s Art Chat, I speak with my old friend Thomas Quain. Thomas is an Irish filmmaker and we studied film together at the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology about a decade ago (amazing how time flies).

Since graduating, he has worked on man projects, including directing his first feature film, I’m Talking To You, which is available now on Amazon. He is also currently working on the second season of his animated web series, Poxy Bleedin Shop, which draws inspiration from true stories of his experiences of working in an Off Licence in Dublin. We talk about all this and much more.

You can also listen to this conversation with Thomas Quain on Spotify HERE. And you can find out more about Thomas Quain on his official website.

Matt’s Art Chat is a series of conversation with artists and interesting people from all over the world. You can watch all episodes of Matt’s Art Chat on Youtube, or listen to them on Spotify, as well as other digital audio platforms.

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