THE ART MOVEMENT – Pilot Episode (radio show)

Welcome to THE ART MOVEMENT, a radio show that revolves around art and culture, where all art and free thought is allowed. This is a pilot episode for a radio show format, with plenty of music, snippets of interviews about the arts, comedy and chat about current events.

Featured on this episode, Kenny Rogers, McCoy Tyner, Fredrik Gertten, social realism, Norm Macdonald, Coronavirus and more.


Matt’s Art Chat #11: Wendy Mitchell (PODCAST)

Even in times of crisis, there are two things I firmly believe in: the nobility of animals and the power of the arts. When I found out about a book that highlighted the work of doc actors, I knew that I would want to read it and that I would be interested in recording a chat with its author – film and entertainment journalist Wendy Mitchell.

The book is called Citizen Canine: Dogs in the Movies. But given her experience on the film festival scene, we also talk about her recent time at the Berlinale and how she believes the Coronavirus outbreak will impact the film festival scene and film industry at large.

Matt’s Art Chat is a series of conversation with artists and interesting people from all over the world. You can watch all episodes of Matt’s Art Chat on Youtube, or listen to them on Spotify, and PodBean.

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